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1000x366_HOme page shutterstock_74227666

Welcome to BU WordPress. This site is created on the www-staging.bu.edu server for the purposes of developing and staging your content. You can share links to the test site with colleagues for the purpose of reviewing content, but these links are temporary and will not work after the site has been launched.
Staging Site Guidelines

For important guidelines and tips on developing your new WordPress website and preparing it for launch, please carefully read Staging a Website in BU WordPress. Understanding these guidelines is critically important if this new site will replace an existing website.
WordPress Training

We strongly encourage you to attend one of our free WordPress training sessions. You can view the schedule and register for classes at https://www.bu.edu/tech/training/. Sessions are offered monthly on both the Charles River and Medical Campuses.
Logging Into Your WordPress Site

To log into and edit your site in WordPress, go to https://www.bu.edu/digital/wp-admin/
Browsing Your Staging Site

To browse your staging site, go to https://www.bu.edu/digital
Help/Launch Request

When you need help, or when you are ready to request your site’s launch, click the Help link in WordPress (located in the left sidebar menu when you are logged into WordPress) and submit your question/request via IS&T’s support ticketing system.