Creative Jammers Sakina Flint '19, Alikhan Nurlanuly '20 and Tarushi Chhabra '19

Creative Jam @BU Celebrates Diversity & Inclusion

Digital Learning & Innovation is proud to recognize nearly 30 Boston University undergrads—including many recent graduates from the Class of 2019—for their commitment to diversity and inclusion and participation in the Spring ‘19 Adobe Creative Jam.

The live event was held both remotely and on campus in the Yawkey Center for Student Services on April 18th. Nine energized and highly motivated teams were asked to identify a specific community within BU, and design a way to support diversity and build inclusion within that community.

The rules were simple: create a mobile app prototype using Adobe XD, and showcase their ingenuity, thirst for creativity and innovative vision.

Meet the Creative Jammers 

Class of 2019: Shantanu Agrawal, Victoria Brus, Tarushi Chhabra, Jonathan Espiard, Sakina Flint, Brie Li, Senhao Li, Yuling Lu, Yawen Shuai, Anran Tang and Georgre Tarantino

Class of 2020: Saumya Chugh, Sarah Garcia, Daisy Jimenez, Alejandrea Kasper, Henry Kaufman, Alan Lee, Carey Lin, Haik Martirosya, Jenni Nguyen, Alikhan Nurlanul, Adam Osgood and Allie Wei

Class of 2021: Carmen Araujo, Emme Enojado, Michelle Lee, Brock Nelson and Erika Yoon

The Challenge

The challenge kicked off with a presentation on diversity and inclusion from author and inspirational speaker Douglas Davis, followed by a bootcamp training on Adobe XD.

During the five-hour event, students indulged in the decision-making process, tested their design-thinking skills, learned industry-standard design tools, were inspired by industry speakers, received feedback on their work and won prizes. Spectators cheered on their favorite teams while watching the event unfold live on the Adobe Creative Jam LIVE Facebook page.

The Results

The results of the challenge were impressive! Take a look, see who won, and be inspired by the variety of campus-inspired apps our student competitors created.

View the Adobe Creative Jam Slideshow

About the Sponsors

The 2019 Adobe Creative Jam was co-sponsored between DL&I Educational Technology and Adobe and is part of the campaign to make BU undergraduate students aware of their entitlement to a full Adobe Creative Cloud license while students at the university. This great benefit was brought to the BU undergraduate community earlier in 2018 as a service co-sponsored between DL&I and Information Services & Technology.

To learn about the partnership or inquire about the university-sponsored license, read more.