BU 7 Most Popular Teaching Technology Guides Fall 2021

7 Most Popular Faculty Guides Fall 2021

Digital Learning & Innovation’s Educational Technology and Digital Initiative teams and the Center for Teaching & Learning created a series of teaching, technology and Incubator guides. These resources touch on a variety of themes and topics—all designed to help BU faculty and graduate student instructors with Fall 2021 course planning as well as guidance on how to design and develop innovative learning projects at BU. Check out the top 7 most popular guides below.

BU Blackboard Ultra

What’s New with Blackboard Ultra?

The new Blackboard Ultra Base Navigation offers a more modern, intuitive navigation that provides quick access to the most critical information from across all courses. View the guide and explore five new features within the new navigation.

CTL Supporting Students & Faculty in the Post-pandemic Classroom

CTL Trauma-informed Teaching Resource Guide

As we prepare to return to campus, many of us – faculty, students, and staff alike – are still experiencing heightened levels of stress and anxiety in response to the global pandemic, sustained social isolation, racially motivated violence, climate change, and financial uncertainty.

These challenges have exacerbated the mental health crisis at universities. The CTL Trauma-informed Teaching Resource Guide outlines the importance of recognizing students’ adverse experiences (past or current) and the impact these experiences have on students’ ability to learn. The resource highlights trauma-informed teaching principles, accompanied by concrete strategies used by BU faculty. Access the Guide.

BU Google Jamboard

5 Reasons to Use Google Jamboard

Google Jamboard is a digital whiteboard that allows for remote or in-person collaboration on a shared space. Students or colleagues can sketch out ideas, problem solve, or draw collaboratively and synchronously.

Then they can save their work to Google Drive, as a PDF to their computer, or as individual images of specific frames. Learn more about the BU-sponsored technology and watch a video tutorial here.


DL&I Incubator Call For Proposals

Calling BU innovators! Do you have an innovative idea to improve the student experience? Access the Incubator Call for Proposals Guide, attend an upcoming information session, meet the Incubator team, and share your bold new idea in digital learning and educational innovation. View the Guide.

Hybrid Meetings with Zoom

Workplace Tools

While Boston University faculty, staff and students return to campus, collaborative, team-based hybrid meetings (a combination of in-person and remote participants) are an appealing workplace option. Learn the basics for hosting/attending hybrid Zoom meetings.

BU Disability Resource Faculty Staff

Faculty & Staff Guide to Disability & Access Services

Creating an accessible learning environment is a unique and collaborative process. It involves partnering with BU Disability & Access Services to ensure that the academic integrity of each course remains intact, and ensuring equal access to all qualified students with disabilities. This resource page outlines important processes and policies and offers a variety of guides, FAQs, and more. View the Guide.

Teaching & Technology Faculty Resources

Access a Growing List of Educator Guides & Resources

This site, developed in partnership with the Center for Teaching & Learning and Educational Technology, offers a growing list of resources including dozens of teaching guides and technology tools, assessment options, FAQs, training schedules, and more. Access additional resources.

Technology Support

The Educational Technology team provides training in many area. Visit BU TechWeb for training information or schedule a consultation, email askedtech@bu.edu.

Teaching Guides & Resources

For teaching guidance, email the Center for Teaching & Learning and schedule an appointment today ctl@bu.edu.

Incubator Questions & Resources

Connect with the DL&I Incubator team to discuss a bold new idea in digital learning and educational innovation. Email: dei@bu.edu.

About Digital Learning & Innovation

Digital Learning & Innovation (DL&I) and its affiliated units—the Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL), Educational Technology (EdTech), and Digital Initiatives—help Boston University leadership, faculty, and staff implement innovative ideas in digital education by incubating select pilot projects, and offer BU educators consultation, training, and production support in the areas of teaching, technology, and online education.