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7 Most Popular Faculty Guides 2021

Digital Learning & Innovation’s Educational Technology team and the Center for Teaching & Learning created a series of remote and hybrid teaching guides. These resources touch on a variety of themes and topics—all designed to help BU faculty and graduate student instructors with Spring 2021 course planning. Check out the top 7 most popular guides below.

BU Google Jamboard5 Reasons to Use Google Jamboard

Google Jamboard is a digital whiteboard that allows for remote or in-person collaboration on a shared space. Students or colleagues can sketch out ideas, problem solve, or draw collaboratively and synchronously. Then they can save their work to Google Drive, as a PDF to their computer, or as individual images of specific frames. Learn more about the BU-sponsored technology and watch a video tutorial here.

Teaching Remotely for Accessibility, Equity, and Inclusion

BU DL&I Accessibility, Equity, InclusionSupporting instructional continuity requires us not only to move our course materials online, but also to consider how we can make our learning experiences accessible to all.  While fostering inclusive teaching online is grounded in the same principles as in a face-to-face context, it may also highlight considerations related to digital access, identities, culture, and location. This CTL guide highlights ways faculty can better serve all students in the remote learning environment. View the guide.

BU ZoomAdvanced Zoom Tips & Tricks

Zoom’s August 2020 update brought along a few feature upgrades that can help you get the most out of Zoom for remote and hybrid teaching including video filters and background noise suppression options. Learn about these features and get tips to use PowerPoint or Keynote presentations as your virtual background. Get the guide.

BU Remote & Hybrid Teaching in STEMRemote & Hybrid Teaching in STEM

The Center for Teaching & Learning offers guidance specifically for STEM faculty. This resource provides strategies to plan for labs, tips to reproduce classroom board work in online environment, tools to address accessibility issues, and more. Access the CTL guide.

Disability and Access ServiceFaculty Guide to Disability & Access Services

Boston University’s Disability & Access Services (DAS) remote and hybrid teaching faculty guide is designed to address accommodations and access for BU students during the period of remote and hybrid teaching and learning. Learn more.

Lightning Talks: Remote & Hybrid Teaching & Learning Video Resource Library

If you’ve attended a Lightning Talk, you know the remote and hybrid teaching and learning presentations are fast, peer-driven, and each about five minutes in length. Now you can access a video library of 40+ presentations on a wealth of topics from fostering classroom community, building an inclusive classroom, assessments, student perspectives, and more. Watch videos.

BU Zoom WhiteboardWhiteboarding

Boardwork and “Show & Tell”-type teaching techniques might seem difficult to replicate via Zoom. This guide offers whiteboard alternative tools and presents strategies to use an iPad and stylus, webcam, iPhone, Android, and more. View the guide.

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