BU 7 Sustainability Actions

In The Classroom & In The Workspace: 7 Easy-to-Implement Sustainable Actions

Every day is Earth Day. In support of environmental protection and the Earth Day global movement, Digital Learning & Innovation connected with the BU Sustainability team to identify 7 easy-to-implement sustainable actions specifically for the higher education classroom and the in-person or remote workspace.

Sustainable Action 11. Establish a baseline.

What isn’t measured isn’t managed. Engage with this Cool Climate Calculator carbon footprint assessment tool and determine steps you can take to reduce your footprint.

BU Sustainable Actions
2. Minimize miles travelled, when possible.

Transportation is a huge component of greenhouse gas emissions. Reduce your carbon footprint by attending meetings and conferences virtually, when feasible. When traveling locally, opt for sustainable transportation modes as much as possible.

3. Turn off the lights.

If everyone at Boston University turned off one light, for one hour a day, for one year, we could save 733,475 kWh per year, the equivalent of removing 97 cars (or 1,161,000 pounds of CO2) from the road for an entire year.


4. Power down computers.

According to Energy Star, turning off 1,000 computer monitors will save 200,000 kWh per year. Setting your computer to sleep mode reduces energy consumption by at least 87%. To further reduce your computer’s energy consumption, turn it off when not in use; enable the Power Management feature; and don’t use a screen saver.

Sustainable Actions
5. Use LED light bulbs.

If every person in the U.S. replaced one conventional light bulb with an LED, the energy savings could light an estimated 2.5 million homes.That’s the equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions of 800,000 cars.

BU Sustainable Actions

6. Recycle (correctly).

Recycling is a key part of reducing our reliance on natural resources, but only works if we recycle right. Be sure to follow Massachusetts State recycling rules like only recycling what is accepted and rinsing all containers. 

BU Sustainable Actions
7. Bring the outdoors in and the indoors out.

Increase your connection to nature by holding courses outdoors and integrating sustainability topics into your courses.

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Members of the BU community are encouraged to get to know the Zero Waste Plan and add to the Comments section of the BU Today coverage to share how you can help implement it in your department and/or daily life.

About the Author: Maureen McCarthy is the Communications Manager for Boston University’s Digital Learning & Innovation and Editor of DL&I News.