Augmented Reality for Classrooms on Display

Zspace Demonstration at BUZSpace experts demonstrated a range of AR/VR-based learning experiences during a two-hour stop on the Charles River Campus on Monday, October 16th.  Faculty and students from ENG, MED, SED, COM, CAS, Law, and GSDM were very enthusiastic about the technology on display.

The Zspace educational platform enables schools to set up instructional modules with both visual and text components. Students can view and manipulate the 3D elements using specialized glasses and stylus. Sample environments on display included physics, anatomy, auto mechanics, electricity, and a multipurpose studio where students could develop their own compositions.

BU does not currently support a virtual or augmented reality platform. But if this is an area of interest for your department, or you would like to schedule a demonstration with Zpace, please let us know by emailing Digital Learning & Innovation at

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