BU Libraries Offers Digital Scholarship Fundamentals Workshop Series

BU Libraries’ Digital Scholarship Services is announcing the first Digital Scholarship Fundamentals workshop series, aimed at digital humanities and social sciences practitioners, and scholars at all levels interested in becoming one. The workshops will run every Fall and Spring semester; the precise content of those workshops might change, and they are all likely to be one hour long.

The first workshop will be held on Monday, Feb. 13, at 3 pm, discussing digital humanities.

  • Discussion: Getting started in DH: A brief overview
  • Instructor: Vika Zafrin
  • Time: Feb. 13 at 3 pm, Feb. 14 at 10 am

Description: How did digital humanities start? What have humanities and social sciences practitioners done in it so far? What are they doing these days? In what ways is it useful to modern-day researchers in these fields? What venues exist for scholarly communication in DH? The instructor will speak specifically to these fields and introduce some basic activities that make up digital scholarship, applicable to both students and faculty-level researchers in the humanities and social sciences. Participants will leave with a list of suggested resources to follow up on if they wish.

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