BU Lightning Talk LfA Part 2

Lightning Talks: Remote & Hybrid Teaching & Learning 2020 Speaker Series

The Remote & Hybrid Teaching & Learning Lightning Talks Fall 2020 series is a reflection and learning forum where Boston University faculty and invited guests identify areas of challenge and opportunity and share strategies for engaging educational experiences in the remote-learning environment. The Fall 2020 speaker series, co-hosted by Digital Learning & Innovation and The Center for Teaching & Learning, is open to BU faculty, staff, graduate students, and postdoctoral scholars.

About the Lightning Talk Format

Fast, peer-driven, and information-rich: Lightning Talks will showcase four-to-five presenters, specifically discussing the topic of remote teaching and learning at BU. Each speaker will adhere to a maximum three-slide format for a short and focused, five-minute presentation.

At the conclusion of all presentations, the moderator will encourage and facilitate cross-disciplinary conversation on the topic.

Managing the LfA Experience Part 2

Due to overwhelming interest, DL&I and the Center for Teaching & Learning will host a second Managing the LfA Experience Part 2 Lightning Talk on Friday, December 4. Join us for a semester-end review as our faculty presenters share remote and hybrid teaching strategies and lessons learned.

Date: Friday, December 4, 2020

Time: 12:15 -1:15 PM

About the Presenters & Topics

Binyomin Abrams

Master Lecturer, Director of General Chemistry

BU College of Arts & Sciences: Chemistry

Remote Immersive Lab Experiences in First-year Advanced Chemistry (RILEd-up)

Teaching laboratory courses in the Learn from Anywhere paradigm presents substantial challenges. The traditional approaches to remote labs – watching recordings of labs or working through fully virtual labs – do not actually give students an adequate facsimile of the real experience of laboratory science and inquiry. Equipped with multiple high-def webcams, wireless headsets, and computers that could be used as digital whiteboards, learning assistant facilitator enable remote students to perform experiments and record their own data in real-time.

BU Mira Angrist
Mira Angrist, 
מירה אנגריסט

Senior Lecturer 

Coordinator of Hebrew Language Program

BU College of Arts & Sciences, Department of World Languages & Literatures (WLL)

Game-based Learning (GBL) and Gamification in eLearning

The presentation reviews the literature and research on game-based learning and gamification and showcases examples from language eLearning. These strategies can be applied to all content-based learnings where interaction between professors and students and students among themselves play an important role.

BU Laurie Craigen

Laurie Craigen

Associate Professor

BU School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry



BU Thom Field

Thom Field

Associate Professor

BU School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry

Building Connection and Community through the LfA Experience

The Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine Program within the School of Medicine is a two year-graduate level master’s degree program. The presenters are two LfA coaches who aim to build connection and community with students during the LfA experience. During this presentation they will share activities, programs, and approaches that developed and instituted during the fall 2020 semester.  

BU Sean Jung

Sean Jung

Assistant Professor

BU School of Hospitality Administrations

Applying LfA with the Students’ Needs in Mind

This Lightning Talks presentation will identify the LfA tools that match students’ needs by identifying, interpreting, and applying to the LfA model.

BU Kari Lavalli

Kari Lavalli

Senior Lecturer & Chair

Division of Natural Sciences & Mathematics 

BU College of General Studies

Using Peer-to-Peer Assessments to Engage All LfA Categories of Students

This presentation will showcase tools to use an assignment to engage the in-person, synchronous remote, and asynchronous students and, at the same time, illustrate how assignments are assessed by faculty via having students perform assessments of other students’ submissions.

BU Karen Jacobs

Karen Jacobs, Moderator

Associate Dean, Digital Learning and Innovation at the College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College

Clinical Professor, Program Director, On-line post-professional doctorate in occupational therapy (OTD) program, Department of Occupational Therapy

COMPLETE: Managing the LfA Experience

Teaching and learning in LfA modalities bring new challenges for faculty and students, with many faculty needing to re-imagine their approaches to class activities and assignments. Join us for a mid-semester review of ways our faculty presenters have adjusted their teaching for hybrid and remote classes.

Date: Friday, October 16

Time: 12:15 -1:15 PM

About the Presenters & Topics

BU Lightning Talk Tina Barbasch

Tina Barbasch

Postdoctoral Associate Lecturer, BU College of Arts and Sciences




BU Lightning Talks Hanny RIVERAHanny Rivera

Postdoctoral Associate Lecturer, BU College of Arts and Sciences



Virtual Biology: Learn from Anywhere in STEM

The Learn from Anywhere model presents unique challenges for STEM, particularly in biology labs where hands-on experience is critical to inspiring the next generation of scientists. However, the option for remote learning also presents opportunities to expand participation in STEM and build a new teaching model for the future. We will discuss these challenges and opportunities, as well as what we have learned about STEM education during a global pandemic.

BU Lightning Talk Dana JanbekDana Janbek

Master Lecturer, BU College of Communication

Delivering on the Promise of LfA

The presentation will explore the challenges and opportunities that come with delivering the best LfA experience to our students.

BU Lightning Talk Phillippa PittsPhillippa Pitts

Ph.D. Student, History of Arts & Architecture, Teaching Fellow

Bringing Back the Whiteboard

As anyone who has taught in a vast auditorium or an overheated classroom knows, the location of the classroom changes what the learning looks like. This session will focus on one approach to creating a virtual classroom space, comparing and contrasting the traditional whiteboard with the Google’s digital Jamboard. I’ll share how I’ve used Jamboard to create a more learner-centered digital environment that reintroduces low stakes opportunities for participation and allows students to collaboratively work through new ideas from wherever they are in the world.

BU Lightning Talk Greg StollerGregory Stoller

Senior Lecturer, BU Questrom School of Business

Trials and Tribulations of LfA So Far…

In this session entitled Trials and Tribulations of LfA So Far… I’ll review two of my (evening) graduate level courses and will discuss my experiences with LfA, to date. The presentation will also provide an overview of issues being monitored.

BU Lightning Talk Lisa SullivanLisa Sullivan

Associate Dean, Education, BU School of Public Health

LfA CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement)

We are continuing to refine our teaching and learning using the LfA modality based on faculty assessments of effective practices and data from students on what is working well, not working well, and their suggestions for improvement. Our mindset is one of continuous quality improvement and we will discuss faculty successes and challenges, and students suggestions for improvement.

BU Lightning Talk Kathryn House
Moderator: Kathryn House

Instructional Coordinator for Distance Learning Initiatives

BU School of Theology

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