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BU’s Intuitive New Video Capture Tool, CaptureSpace

BU recently adopted MyMedia/Kaltura as its supported video sharing platform. Kaltura CaptureSpace is a screen recording software within MyMedia, the university’s new platform for educational video creation, hosting, and distribution.

The most comparable tool to CaptureSpace is Camtasia, a 3rd-party video creating/editing platform that many BU faculty have used until now.

A CaptureSpace video can be recorded from a device anywhere. It automatically captures audio, device screens, or PowerPoint, and integrates video from up to three sources simultaneously. When creating a video on CaptureSpace, content is all managed and integrated through one platform. CaptureSpace is integrated with these BU platforms:

  • MyMedia
  • Blackboard Learning Management System
  • Sakai Learning Management System

Part of CaptureSpace’s appeal is that it is not as overwhelming as other, more complex video programs. It is very easy to learn and use efficiently. Explained Wendell Seale, BU’s MyMedia platform administrator, “CaptureSpace is pretty intuitive, even if you’ve never used a recording tool. After your second recording, you’ll be a pro.”

Seale has started showing CaptureSpace to BU faculty, who have been very pleased. In describing one tutorial, in which he introduced CaptureSpace to an instructor, he said, “By the following Tuesday she had already created five screen captures on her own.”

Flexibility for Video Creation

CaptureSpace is part of the MyMedia platform, so the content on MyMedia and CaptureSpace is easily transferrable. Video creators can use different camera options, such as a FaceTime camera or a camera attached to a computer through an HDMI cable. CaptureSpace can record from multiple cameras at once and users can select various levels of image quality. According to Seale, many faculty who have switched to CaptureSpace were previously using YouTube. YouTube’s accepted file type is mp4. CaptureSpace supports this, along with 17 other formats.

All clips created on CaptureSpace are saved to a library, so users can later add clips to different videos or retrieve an old recording that was never published. The platform offers several features and easy-to-use tools. The “trim” tool can be used to cut the video at either end. The “chop” tool allows users to select frames in the middle of the clip, select those frames, and delete only them. Titles can be included and free captions can be ordered online once the video is transferred into MyMedia.

Better Student Engagement

CaptureSpace makes viewing videos interactive, which increases student engagement and memory retention. Viewers can choose their source of video input, and choose between side-by-side or picture in picture views. CaptureSpace automatically creates searchable slides and navigation, so viewers can easily locate content.

Similar Programs

Several other tools have been in use by BU faculty for video capture:

  • Echo360 has a comparable tool called “Personal Capture.” This tool, however, only allows users to cut the beginning and end of a recording.
  • MyMedia/Kaltura has a lecture capture tool called Kaltura Classroom which is similar to Echo360’s “Lecture Capture” tool.
  • Camtasia is a 3rd party tool that is a more complex video editing program than CaptureSpace. Recordings created on CaptureSpace can be exported to Camtasia for further editing. CaptureSpace is more useful for quickly creating and distributing a recording, but if a user desires more complex tools, Camtasia is an option. Camtasia has features like zooms, callouts, templates, and music (on the PC version). Camtasia operates with a system of layers of audio and visual components, similar to programs like FinalCut and AfterEffects.

Get Started

BU members can log into using their Kerberos password and select “add new,” which will provide drop-down options for the type of recording they can create. This will launch CaptureSpace. This can also be done from Blackboard.

For a one-on-one consultation on using MyMedia and/or CaptureSpace, reach out to EdTech at There is also a lot of useful information on installing, launching, and using CaptureSpace in this BU TechWeb article.

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