Creating for 360 Degrees: Designing UX and Environments for Virtual Reality

Interest is growing in how virtual reality can play an effective role in education. On Monday, December 18th, DL&I is hosting Zspace to explore this question in detail.

Virtual reality demonstrationAdobe is also offering universities help in creating immersive experiences using virtual reality. Abi Mandelbaum , CEO and co-founder of in-house agency YouVisit, notes that virtual reality is at a really delicate spot in its lifecycle. “It has not yet reached mass adoption,” he said, “but it’s no longer solely for the niche group of ‘early adopters.’ Think of it as the smartphone 10 years ago — although the vast majority of people don’t own the hardware, we can all see where it’s going and how big it will become. Some brands have a hard time seeing the use in incorporating VR into their strategy right away. The way we see it, VR will soon become as important as having a Twitter or Facebook account.”

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