Creative Jam @BU: Great success!

On October 11, 2018, Boston University’s first Adobe Creative Jam was a great success. Some hundred people showed up for this event, which was held in the 9th floor colloquium room in the Photonics Building. Nine teams comprising 19 BU undergraduate students competed in this graphic design challenge centered around a theme that was revealed to the competitors just about 3 pm. The theme was a single word: “VOTE”. The rules were simple, requiring the use of tools from the Adobe Creative Cloud, having access to other premium Adobe services such as Adobe Stock, the teams went into a separate room where they jammed!

It was amazing to see the impressive results of this three hour challenge! You can take a look yourself, see who won, and be inspired by the variety and fun stuff that our competitors created:

Once the competition ended, everyone came together in the colloquium room to enjoy some refreshments and to listen to three inspiring talks by local professionals in the field of graphic design: Jesse Hernandez (Sr. Graphic Designer @ MIT), Sarah Rainwater (Founder of Studio Rainwater, Providence, RI), and Robert Generette III (Award-winning Illustrator, Educator, self-declared Vector Art Monster). The speakers shared their beautiful work, insights into their creative process, life experience as successful professionals in the field of graphic design, and pearls of wisdom such as “Don’t compare yourself with anyone” and that it is imperative for an artist to find out what it is that you have to say.

The judges for the competition were DL&I Multimedia Ambassadors Joyce Walsh (College of Communications) and James Grady (College of Fine Arts), Brad Wheeler (Center for Teaching and Learning), Melinda Chung (Adobe), and Roland Jaeckel (DL&I). Audience choice and the choice of first and runner-up of the judges were an exact match, although all of the submitted materials and projects were outstanding!

This event was co-sponsored between DL&I Educational Technology and Adobe and is part of the campaign to make BU undergraduate students aware of their entitlement to a full Adobe Creative Cloud license while students at the university. This great benefit was brought to the BU undergraduate community earlier this year as a service co-sponsored between DL&I and Information Services & Technology. Check out if you are eligible for a university-sponsored license for free or very reasonable cost by visiting

Many thanks to the Adobe staff who made this event possible: Jerome Silverman as the MC and event coordinator, Steve Adler and Steve Hart for running the Creative Jam Bootcamp earlier this fall, and as always the amazing DL&I administrative team comprising Linda Nulty, Tina Nguyen, and Alexis Williams.