Find Out if You Qualify

Even if you are not a current undergraduate student, you may qualify for a free or a significantly discounted license to Adobe Creative Cloud because of your affiliation with BU. Graduate students of the School of Communications and the School of Fine Arts are also eligible. We still have some licenses available for faculty. All other faculty and staff are encouraged to procure a license through their departments.

To determine your eligibility and apply for the license, visit Please note that all licenses procured via an Internal Service Request (ISR) are for use within the administrative, research, and instructional context of Boston University and not for personal use. Named licenses (attached to a BU email address) and device licenses (for specific workstations) are available.

Faculty are also encouraged to reach out for assistance in designing multimedia expression into their BU Hub courses and can contact the Center for Teaching & Learning for advice on getting started with this.  For questions about eligibility, please visit the IS&T site.