Associate Professor Joyce Walsh

Joyce Walsh 226 x 214Boston University’s School of Communication is filled with talented instructors of all kinds. We recently had an opportunity to speak with Joyce Walsh, who has kindly agreed to speak at the Digital Learning & Innovation’s upcoming faculty event, Teaching with Technology Festival, on September 26th. Joyce is beloved by undergraduate and graduate students alike for her enthusiastic and approachable teaching of graphic design skills.

It’s not enough to just teach concepts in graphic design. With each new principle of design, Walsh introduces several Adobe Creative Cloud software tools and assigns homework that forces students to use both design and software to make their ideas come to life.

Joyce Walsh is Associate Professor, Design Faculty, at the Boston University College of Communication. She has taught over 2,500 students and looks forward to many more. With academic and professional backgrounds in both the arts and technology, she develops innovative courses that integrate design with creative software skills. Experienced in all areas of graphic design – from print to digital – her work is featured in publications, exhibitions and corporate art collections internationally. 2018 CV

Walsh is in the process of writing a new version of her book, Graphic Design Essentials: Skills, Software and Creative Strategies, originally published by Laurence King, London, Pearson in the US, and Posts & Telecom Press in China. This is the first book to combine graphic design fundamentals with software skills and is now available as digital book.