Learning Resource: Lynda.com

Training materials for self-directed study of the various applications in the Adobe Creative Cloud are available through online content providers, such as Lynda.com, who give access to subscribers for a subscription fee. Fortunately, as an institution located in the City of Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts we have access to the content on Lynda.com through the Boston Public Library.

If you meet any of the following criteria, you are eligible for a Boston Public Library eCard, which then allows you to access Lynda.com (and many other great online services the BPL offers):

  • You reside permanently in Massachusetts
  • You live in-state for part of the year to attend school
  • You commute to a Massachusetts employer on a sustained and regular basis
  • You own property in Massachusetts

BU students fall in the first two categories, faculty and staff are most likely covered by the third bullet point in the above list.

Sign up for a Boston Public Library eCard

Visit the BPL eCard page and sign up for an eCard. Click on the “Expand all” button under the “eCard Registration” heading and click on the registration link. You will be asked a few questions about eligibility, which is in most cases determined automatically (including via IP address of your computer) and an eCard number sent to your email within minutes. Your eCard will be valid for two years from the day you signed up.

Access Lynda.com

Once you have your eCard with the PIN setup, you can sign into Lynda.com (https://www.lynda.com/portal/sip?org=bpl.org) and it would be a good idea to bookmark this page. Within Lynda.com use the search functionality to find the topic about which you want to learn.