Exciting Developments: Echo360

Echo360 is rolling out a new upgrade. According to Harrison Lawrence, one of our Echo360 platform experts, the software will now be run on the cloud, providing Professor giving a lecturegreater stability and better processing time.
The lecture capture process will largely remain the same, but the user interface will be more modern and perform at a higher caliber. There are also new lecture tools, including audience response features. The School of Law and Questrom School of Business have already started using the new platform.

The main differences between the old system and the new system:

  • From the same interface you can upload presentations, add interactive features, view data analytics on how students use the materials, and upload videos
  • Students can mark specific sections of a video as confusing, or write questions and comments that are tied to a specific part of the content. This helps instructors identify exactly what parts of the video and content causes difficulty for their students.
  • All of your content is saved to your personal library, making it easier to reuse. You can go into your library and add content to courses or share it selectively with colleagues or students
  • You can set up the video to ask students questions at specific pointsStudent on an iPad
  • You have access to system analytics that show you how students are interacting with the video and presentation content. You can tell if they are responding to questions, taking notes, and what the word count of their notes are. You can have an engagement score calculated, to numerically compare how much students interact with one piece of content over another.
  • Lecture Tools and Echo360 Lecture Capture used to be separate tools, but now they are integrated

Check out Echo360’s Vimeo channel for demonstrations and success stories!Echo360 interface