Faculty Resource: 5 Most Popular Guides

The Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) at Boston University, understands that teaching is an intellectually stimulating and critical practice, driven by inquiry, experimentation, reflection, and collaboration. The CTL staff partners with faculty, students, and administration to foster student learning and inspire effective teaching throughout the University. With this mission in mind, the CTL has compiled a list of its most popular guides, which touch on a variety of themes and topics, to help you with course planning for the school year. 

Interactive Lecturing 

This guide can help you implement useful strategies and tips to maintain students’ attention and have them actively engage in and connect with the course material in a new way. Activities such as practicing homework problems or think-pair-share discussions are great interactive strategies that allow students to process and apply the information in a way that helps them retain it. Learn more about interactive lecturing.

 The Flipped Classroom

Interested in “flipping” the traditional learning environment and encouraging students to continue engaging with the course topics outside the classroom? In this model, students review core lecture content outside of class and use class time to apply the skills they have learned. With this guide, instructors can help boost student engagement by incorporating interactive technology and digital tools that allow students to absorb more content. Watch the video and read more about  flipping the classroom.

Team Teaching

Team teaching, or collaborative teaching, is a strategy that benefits both the instructors and the students. Instructors work collaboratively, learning from one another and improving their individual and team-teaching skills while building collegial relationships and interdisciplinary understanding. In this teaching model, students are exposed to multiple instructor perspectives and individual teaching styles, and students can engage with a broader range of material. Learn more about team teaching.

Developing Effective Visuals

Every student learns differently, which can create a challenge for instructors who aim to reach every student and meet their individual needs. By incorporating more visual teaching materials and strategies, instructors can reach more of their students and more effectively engage them in the content. For more abstract and complex topics, visuals aid comprehension and assist recall. Read more about developing effective visuals.

Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning (PBL) can to boost creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving in the classroom. Through PBL inquiry, students investigate real-world problems and challenges in a way that allows them to increase their depth of understanding, hone their communication skills, and prepare for their future careers. By immersing themselves in a hands-on learning approach to the course content, students gain valuable opportunities to make connections across content and practice. Learn more about project-based learning.

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About the CTL: The Center for Teaching & Learning collaborates with faculty and graduate students and offers individualized consultations, workshops, seminars, and institutes designed to promote critical reflection and experimentation in teaching and support core initiatives across the University.