Five Years of MOOCs at BU

Twenty-three courses, including two MicroMasters programs.

When we asked our participating faculty to share their thoughts on changes that Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have brought to BU, many noted that as a result of their experience, on-campus students are now benefitting from a flipped classroom and active learning approaches, with interactive simulations thrown into the mix.

Others shared the ways that working on MOOCs impacted their individual teaching practice, including broadening their understanding of global and online learners:

Molly Monet-Viera, AP Spanish Language and Culture:

“I have been so positively impacted by teaching this MOOC. The immense diversity that I have witnessed in the MOOC has also inspired me to find ways to create more diversity in the classroom. … I am now considering including the MOOC in my classroom teaching as a way of giving my BU students an opportunity to interact with learners of diverse ages and perspectives.”

Gabrielle Jacquet, Practitioner’s Guide to Global Health:

“The creation of Practitioner’s Guide to Global Health has completely revolutionized the way many institutions worldwide prepare learners for global health learning experiences.”

Andrew Duffy, Preparing for the AP Physics Exam:

“We are now making high-quality online material available to our on-campus students to help them learn.”

Bryan Stone, Faith & Finance:

“The Faith and Finance MOOC has helped future religious leaders grow in their financial literacy, in wise financial practices and habits, and in their awareness of the impact of debt upon their lives, career choices, and futures. The staff at the DEI were amazing in guiding us through the importance of backward design and working patiently with us to make sure we were clear about outcomes first before we began jumping into the kinds of educational activities and assessments we had initially thought would be most important. It has thoroughly shaped the way I think about all of my teaching now, my syllabi, my pedagogy, and even my administrative meetings!”

Barbara Bickart, Strategic Social Media Marketing:

“I now really focus on learning outcomes for a specific session—if I am super clear about the learning outcomes, I feel that I am better able to design a class session (and course) that meets those objectives.”

Nitin Joglekar, Product Management with Lean, Agile and System Design Thinking:

“Teaching this course broadened my understanding of global/online learners and my understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of online learning tools/methods.”

Kristen McCormack, Leading in the Digital Age:

“I am more aware of ways in which to integrate digital learning into the classroom, such as incorporating pre-online work and suggesting use of digital technology in student teams.”

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