Google Keep: a useful organizational tool

Google Keep dashboard
Google Keep is probably the easiest to adopt of all the softwares ever discussed on the EdTech blog, and you might have already used a nearly identical interface on the Apple application “Stickies.” You can reach Keep by clicking on the grid icon at the top right corner of any Google screen and scrolling through the Google Apps, or through this link. Monty Kaplan, an educational technologist in the EdTech group, endorses Keep as an organizational tool, and offers advice on how to use it most effectively.

Helpful Features:

  • Color coding:Google Keep search categories choose colors for notes based on categories like work/school/personal, or by urgency (for instance, red for very urgent, orange/yellow for somewhat urgent, and green for long-term tasks)
  • Pinning: pin important notes and they will automatically display above the rest of your notes
  • Tags: attach tags to your notes so you can easily search for them later (for example: #taxes, #conferences, or #research)
  • Reminders: set an alert to bring up a repeated task, a task that you might forget about, or a time-sensitive task
  • Audiovisual media:
    • Keep can display photos and drawingsGoogle Keep shortcuts
    • You can say your notes out loud to Keep, and it will convert the voice audio into text
  • Collaboration: you can share notes with anyone else who has a Gmail account so they can view and edit your notes
  • Shortcuts: use shortcuts to make, organize, and navigate through notes more quickly and efficiently than ever before
  • Search: look for keywords like “send,” “pay,” or “read” to easily locate a past note. You can also search by color or type of note (reminders, lists, images, or drawings)


Google Keep search


  •  Tags are automatically arranged alphabetically
  • Monty suggests this format
    • Projects: #projectNameX
    • Items that require documentation: #doc
    • Notes related to social activities: #social
    • Notes related to professional development: #proDev

 RemindersGoogle Keep reminder

  • Can be used to remind you about a non-urgent note
  • Remind you about project deadlines or preparing for interviews/meetings/etc.

Google Keep pinned note

Monty’s advice

  • Make any new information a white note (which will visually remind you to process it)
  • Use colors that are less appealing to you for less important tasks
  • Monty advises users to continue to “reflect on what’s working well for you in Keep and what is confusing or hard to use. Is the information you’re putting in too complicated?”