Gitner Awards for teaching with technology

The Office of the Provost and the Center for Excellence and Innovation in Teaching (CEIT) have just announced the Gerald and Deanne Gitner Family Innovation in Teaching with Technology Award, open to most BU full-time faculty members. The Gitner Award recognizes the faculty member or team that best exemplifies innovation in teaching by use, development, or adaptation of technology that results in positive learning outcomes for undergraduate students and that is recognized or adopted by faculty colleagues within or outside Boston University. Each year an award recipient will be selected and receive a $10 000 prize.

The inaugural Gitner Award will be presented in late April 2014 at a reception to honor the first recipient(s).

To be eligible, a faculty member must:

  • Have held a full-time, continuing appointment on the teaching faculty for not less than six semesters;
  • Not be currently under review for promotion or tenure;
  • Not be on sabbatical leave, or leave of absence during the Spring semester of the current academic year;
  • Not be a previous winner of the Gerald and Deanne Gitner Family Award for Innovation in Teaching with Technology

Lecturers are eligible, as are teams led by at least one eligible faculty member.

Pedagogical innovations must be demonstrated effective in at least one course and it must be clear that they will be used again regularly.

CEIT and the Office of the Provost invite award nominations from faculty, staff, and students. Nominations may be submitted to CEIT and must be received by midnight on March 1. Nominations should describe the technology that was used or created, why its use is innovative, in what class(es) it was employed, in what classes it will be used in the future, and what its impact has been beyond the faculty member/team’s particular course(s). Finalists will present or demonstrate their innovation at a session open to the university community during the week of April 7, date and time to be announced.