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Global Health Online Courses Aid Medical Students in Low-Resource Study Abroad Settings

According to the Journal of Travel Medicine, published by Oxford Academic, recent articles in the medical education literature “have emphasized the need for a uniform and comprehensive national education program for medical students doing international rotations.”

In a letter to the Journal, Dr. Gabrielle Jacquet of Boston University Department of Emergency Medicine, Dr. Suzy Sarfaty, Boston University Department of Medicine, and Dr. Janis P. Tupesis, Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Wisconsin School of Public Health, note that an innovative program now exists for protecting the health of medical students on international electives in low-resource settings.

The authors pointed to the recently released online, open-access course, The Practitioner’s Guide to Global Health, a three-part timeline-based set of modules that:

(i) prepare medical students, resident physicians, and fellows to safely and effectively participate in global health rotations and projects,

(ii) permit flexible, asynchronous learning, and

(iii) provide an electronic evaluation tool for program leadership.

The authors note that several academic institutions, medical schools and residency programs now require this course for their trainees participating in global health rotations, and express their hope that this course will be adopted as the national standard for global health training.

For more information about this Digital Education Incubator project, visit https://digital.bu.edu/product/the-practitioners-guide-to-global-health .