How can EdTech help YOU?

This series of posts is dedicated to showing what the process is like when you reach out to for help in developing your course or implementing new technology.

The first step in developing a course is considering a goal to work toward. There are technological and pedagogical resources available to you through Digital Learning & Innovation, so this goal could relate to technology or simply to teaching and instructional strategies. Our resources and consultations are available not only to faculty hoping to enhance their courses, but to any member of administration or staff hoping to develop strategies in an area of BU. You can choose a goal by focusing on an issue that you want to address. Common issues that we work through include:

  • I want my students to be more engaged with their reading outside of class, or more engaged with each otherStudent on phone during lecture
  • I want to save time on my grading
  • I don’t have enough time to cover all of the course material in class (or I want to use more of class time to discuss the content with the students or engage them with activities).
  • My graduate students need more opportunities to participate in university classes or conferences, but I can’t require that they spend more time physically at BU.
  • When I’m teaching I’m not sure whether my students are always following along with me or if they’re just on social media.
  • My students are reading a PDF or watching a video as a part of their homework, but I don’t know if they’re absorbing the material as they go through it.
  • My students are not engaged in class.

In response to these kinds of issues you can set goals for yourself. Here are some examples of goals people have set when working with us in the past:

  • I teach in the School of Public Health and my Student and teacher on a computergoal is to find more ways to keep my students engaged during lecture.
  • My class was changed from an elective to a required class, so now I have to teach to students from a far broader range of knowledge of the topic. My goal is to make my class more accessible to students coming from any range of disciplines, with all levels of background knowledge.
  • I am a graduate program administrator and I want to provide more opportunities for my graduate students to participate, but remotely, without having to come to BU.

All of these goals are entirely achievableVideo conference, and there is a tremendous team of experts waiting to help you develop your practices in teaching, counseling, organization, and so many more aspects of the Boston University ecosystem. These questions and examples will hopefully make you consider the many opportunities there are to enhance our university experience. This series is not intended to substitute theprocess at DL&I, but hopefully can inspire creative thinking about possibilities available to you.

With these issues and goals in mind, reach out to us at

Next week look out for Part 2 of this series: “What happens when you Ask EdTech”