Learning Science Seminar Series with Luke Conlin April 4th

Luke Conlin Profile PhotoDr. Luke Conlin, Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry & Physics at Salem State University is our featured speaker in the 3rd Learning Science Seminar Series hosted at Boston University.

Dr. Conlin will present research on student groups in introductory algebra-based physics tutorials. In particular, he will explore how groups initially set up a safe space to make sense of their physics ideas together.  Based on a close discourse analysis of several tutorial groups’ first discussions of the semester, Dr. Conlin will present evidence that the groups use hedging, joking, and quoting—moves he characterizes as epistemic distancing—to make a safe space to sensemake.

The Learning Sciences Speaker Series invites nationally recognized researchers to Boston University’s Charles River Campus to discuss contemporary research that spans topics in Educational Psychology, Cognitive Science, Human Computer Interaction, Sociology, Applied Linguistics, and Human Development. The series is organized by the Center for Teaching & Learning in collaboration with Digital Learning & Innovation.