Learning Sciences Speaker Series Continues with Mike Tissenbaum

Mike Tissenbaum ProfileMike Tissenbaum is a Learning Research Scientist and App Inventor at the Center for Mobile Learning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His education includes a PhD in Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning (OISE) from University of Toronto and a MS from the Faculty of Information (iSchool) at University of Toronto.

In this talk, Mike will discuss his work on designing, developing, and evaluating interactive learning spaces that allow learners to immerse themselves in richer, deeper, and more socially connected investigations than previously imagined. Through his research, Mike has shown how intertwining information, technology, and pedagogy with the physical learning space can support new forms of student inquiry and collaboration. Drawing from several of these projects, Mike will highlight the importance of grounding the development of these spaces in design-based and theoretically-motivated methodologies.

As learning spaces become increasingly augmented with technology, the surge in the availability of real-time data about learning activities is changing how we examine how learning takes place. Mike will illustrate how combining qualitative methodologies with data mining and analytics opens up exciting new multi-dimensional approaches for investigating student learning, interactions, and collaboration. In particular, Mike will show how this multi-dimensional approach helped him develop the theories of divergent collaboration and unproductive perseverance, which are reshaping how we understand collaboration and learning in open-ended and exploratory environments.


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