MyMedia training session tomorrow!

MyMedia [a.k.a Kaltura] is a platform that allows you to publish instructional videos for your students to access through Blackboard. Tomorrow (Tuesday, March 7) from 10:30am to noon our MyMedia specialist, Wendell Seale, will lead a training on how to use MyMedia.MyMedia homepage

Why use MyMedia?

Instructional videos give your students more opportunities to engage with course content, making them more prepared for tasks and discussions in class. If your students come to class already equipped with some familiarity of the content, your work as an instructor is much easier. Class time can be targeted toward deepening your students’ understanding of the content and targeting areas that they struggled with while viewing the videos. MyMedia operates using the cloud, so videos don’t take up space on your hard drive, and it is integrated with Blackboard and Sakai. All BU students have some familiarity with Blackboard, so you don’t have to introduce them to a new technology if you want to start using MyMedia.

MyMedia videos

By the end of this training you will be able to:

  • Create video clips
  • Edit videos
  • Make desktop capture videos using Capture Space software
  • Upload media through Blackboard
  • Order and edit video captions
  • Organize content in playlists
  • Distribute this media to your students


Register, while there are still seats available!