New features on Turnitin Feedback Studio is not just for monitoring plagiarism anymore. They are now known as Turnitin Feedback Studio and they have introduced GradeMark, a feature with a lot of helpful new tools that can make grading go by faster.

Drag and Drop

GradeMark has revolutionized essay grading with the new drag and drop correction labels. Students will see a label such as “citation needed,” which they can then click on for an explanation of that rule. This saves instructors from having to write out the same corrections over and over, and also means that instructors don’t have to spend as much time going over simple grammar and citation rules. Students can develop the habit of researching their own errors, meaning that office hours and class discussions can stay focused on content.

Voice Comment

The new voice comment feature allows you to place an audio clip over a specific part of the student’s writing. Instructors can offer corrections specific to the student’s work or the class content (which might not appear in the drag and drop menu of typical corrections). It also saves the time of writing out a paragraph response.


Quick Rubric

GradeMark offers a sliding scale rubric to quickly input a score for different categories like “analysis” or “citations.” Many instructors already have established rubrics for essays, and it is easy to input those categories and their point values into the system. At the end of each essay just slide the scale to the appropriate point value, and Feedback Studio will calculate the grade and apply it to the essay.

Citation Matching

GradeMark also provides a visual breakdown of students’ sources so instructors can quickly tell where they’ve gotten their information from. While a student might have a beautiful works cited page chock full of impressive sources, the “Match Breakdown” tool shows which sources they truly relied on. It also makes it easy to tell if a student has relied heavily on internet or print sources.


Turnitin describes all of GradeMark’s new components in depth on their website. Read more here.