NVivo Teacher's Guide session at BU

QSR International, the makers of NVivo, will be providing a free March 9 teaching session at BU built around the NVivo Teacher’s Guide. This resource is used by professors worldwide. To enhance the experience for both you and your students, QSR International is offering a more in-depth look into the pedagogy behind the guide as well as possible implementation options.

The NVivo Teacher’s Guide is designed by an educator to make it easier for teaching staff to incorporate NVivo into higher education coursework, and flexible enough to fit various teaching styles, approaches and disciplines. Delivered modularly, you can choose to work with the resources that best suit your course. And, each module is accompanied by a ready-to-go NVivo project, enabling practical learning. The currently available modules are built around NVivo 10 for Windows.

This session will be led by Dr. Stuart Robertson, the developer of The NVivo Teacher’s Guide. As an experienced educator working across all levels, Dr. Robertson has designed a flexible resource so that professors can easily incorporate this powerful tool into their course.

The session will take place Monday, March 9, from 2pm to 4pm, in the IS&T Right Conference Room, in the basement of 111 Cummington Mall. It is free and open to all members of the BU community. Enter through the main Information Services & Technology entrance, and take the door immediately to your right as you enter the building, leading down a staircase. At the bottom of the stairs, turn right and the conference room will be on your right.

Participants are asked to bring a laptop with NVivo installed. Members of the BU community may download NVivo from TechWeb.