BU Voices & Reflections: A Commitment to Student Learning

Boston University’s “Voices & Reflections” series is a collection of insights and experiences—shared via video, audio, poetry, and more—from those teaching and learning remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic this spring. BU’s leadership, faculty, students, and staff discuss their challenges and unexpected revelations and accomplishments. They highlight important teaching and learning moments and new educational opportunities, and share heartwarming experiences of students and faculty connecting with and beyond technology.


BU Voices & Reflections Part 1

Part 1 of BU’s Voices & Reflections series features:

  • Kinh T. Vũ, College of Fine Arts
  • Chris Dellarocas, Digital Learning & Innovation
  • Michael Kaye, College of Fine Arts
  • Yashica Kataria, College of Arts & Sciences, Class of 2023
  • Karen Jacobs, Sargent College
  • Alexandra Nulty, Questrom School of Business MBA, Class of 2021

BU Remote Teaching & Learning Part 2

Part 2 of BU’s Voices & Reflections series features:

  • Erol A. Peköz, Questrom School of Business
  • Daniel Doña, College of Fine Arts
  • Deborah Breen, Center for Teaching & Learning
  • Johanna Geary, Pardee School of Global Studies, Class of 2022
  • E. David Zepeda, School of Public Health
  • Talin Yaghoobian, Pardee School of Global Studies
  • Binyomin Abrams, Chemistry Department

BU Voices & Reflections Part 3

Part 3 of BU’s Voices & Reflections series features:

  • Anne Donohue, College of Communication
  • Ernie Perez, Educational Technology, Digital Learning & Innovation
  • Miranda Xie, College of Communication
  • Geoff Wilkinson, School of Social Work
  • Jana Mulkern, BUMC-IT
  • Shively T. J. Smith, School of Theology
  • Charles McGinn, College of Engineering, Class of 2023
  • Megan Sullivan, College of General Studies

BU Voices & Reflections Classroom Moderators

Part 4 of BU’s Voices & Reflections series features:

  • Ernie Perez, Educational Technology, Digital Learning & Innovation
  • Christina Khalifeh, BU Frederick S. Pardee of School of Global Studies (MA Paradee’21)
  • Greg Stoller, BU Questrom School of Business
  • Hannah Burgess, BU School of Public Health (MPH SPH’22)
  • Ellen E. Faszewski, BU Wheelock College
  • Nick Kolev, BU College of Communication (COM’23)
  • Ananya Sharma BU Metropolitan College (MS MET’21)
  • Jennifer Bentley, BU Sargent College

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