Remote Teaching at BU: Data Analysis Software

Boston University can now deliver a variety of applications including MATLAB, R/RStudio, Python/Jupyter Notebook, SAS, and QGIS, to your desktop virtually using BU’s Web-based interface, Shared Computing Cluster (SCC) OnDemand.

The SCC OnDemand is managed by the Research Computing Services group. This group is available to assist with onboarding students by automating the accounts creation process and offer “in-classroom” getting started workshops (online or in-person as appropriate). 

Benefits of SCC OnDemand:

  • Courses on the SCC have dedicated disk space for course data.
  • Students have their own accounts with private disk space.
  • SCC OnDemand greatly simplifies access and use of the Linux-based SCC.

Helpful Resources/URLs:

  • Learn about SCC OnDemand here.
  • Access SCC software information here.
  • Access Shared Computing Cluster (SCC) information here.
  • Find Research Computing Services here.

If you are interested in using SCC OnDemand for your course or if you would like to try out SCC OnDemand with a temporary trial account, please email