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BU TodayBU Today will be publishing a daily roundup of the latest (COVID-19) news from the campus, city, state, United States, and the world. Read more.

Remote Teaching News: March 27, 2020

BU Today/The Brink: Facing Dire Shortages, 50 Boston Collaborators Develop Their Own FDA-Approved Coronavirus Test

The Center for Regenerative Medicine at BU’s Medical Campus has converted into an all-out operation running same-day COVID-19 tests for Boston Medical Center. Read the full story.

BU Today: Free access to eTextbooks from Barnes & Noble and VitalSource

BU students qualify for free access to eTextbooks under a program from Barnes & Noble and VitalSource. Read the full story.

Today’s Good Deed via The Daily Free Press: City and residents make efforts to feed those in need during pandemic

A majority of children and teenagers in the Boston Public Schools system — 72 percent, according to the Mayor’s Office — rely on school meals for breakfast and lunch. The City of Boston is acknowledging this issue by providing dozens of “grab and go” meal sites across the city to provide free breakfast and lunch to students at set time slots, which vary from site to site. Read the full story.

Business Insider: Gap Inc. is using its factories to make masks, gowns, and scrubs for healthcare workers

Gap Inc. is the latest retailer to announce a commitment to use its resources to create personal protective equipment like masks and scrubs for healthcare workers. Read the full story.

Educause: How Technology Can Support Student Success during COVID-19

The focus of higher education’s COVID-19 adaptations is on remote learning and working. Advising systems, degree progress tracking, and other technologies to support student success will be equally critical to help students complete courses and attain credentials. Read the full story.

Remote Teaching News: March 26, 2020

New York Times: The Dos and Don’ts of Online Video Meetings

From setting a clear agenda to testing your tech setup, here’s how to make video calls more tolerable for you and your colleagues. Read the full story.

ZOOM Blog: How to Keep the Party Crashers from Crashing Your Zoom Event

Read the list of Zoom features that can help you safely share your Zoom sessions without unwanted interruptions. Read the full story.

Remote Teaching News: March 25, 2020

BU Today: The New Normal, Students Reflect on First Week of Learning—and Living—Remotely

Nearly two weeks ago, Boston University urged students to return home, rather than to campus, at the end of spring break, and announced plans to begin teaching all classes remotely. In a Zoom Virtual Roundtable, Terriers talk about how their lives have changed. Read the full story.

Today’s Good Deed via The Florida Times Union: Coronavirus in Jacksonville, Acts of kindness, good deeds, how area residents are helping others

Good deeds, people helping those around them, random acts of kindness. These are stories that will make you smile and inspire you – all from Jacksonville and the Northeast Florida area. Read the full story.

Inside Higher Ed: For the Love of Learning

As faculty members transition to distance learning, Inside Higher Ed Contributor Melissa Dennihy offers five suggestions for how to find and make the most of the opportunities that online instruction can offer. Read the full story.

Campus Technology: Moving to Digital Learning Fast: Staying Positive

The rushed transition to online instruction during the coronavirus pandemic can be wrought with anxiety, technical issues, concern for students and more. What’s the best way to stay positive and support faculty? Read the full story.

Remote Teaching News: March 24, 2020

Bu Today: Governor’s Stay-at-Home Advisory Allows BU to Remain on Course

With COVID-19 cases continuing to rise statewide, Governor Charlie Baker on Monday directed the Department of Public Health to issue a “stay-at-home advisory” for all Massachusetts residents, effective on Tuesday, and ordered nonessential businesses to close. BU faculty can continue their remote teaching from campus and other University workers deemed essential can also come to work. Read how the Stay-at-Home Advisory impacts BU.

NJ.com: This NJ restaurateur took out a 50K credit line to pay his employees during coronavirus crisis

When NJ Gov. Phil Murphy ordered that restaurants close their dining rooms, business owner, Bryan Morin opened his wallet. Morin, owner of the Belmar restaurant Federico’s, went to the bank, took out a $50,000 line of credit, and made the 20 employees on his payroll a promise: No matter what happens over the next two months, they would still receive a paycheck. Read the full story.

Remote Teaching News: March 23, 2020

BU Today: Remote Teaching and Learning in the Time of COVID-19

BU chemistry master lecturer Binyomin Abrams connects with 181 students from around the world—from an empty lecture hall. Watch the video.

Educause Review, Remote Teaching: The Glass Half-Full

[Excerpt] “What I hope the experience will do, is show us how resilient we are as a community. I hope faculty who may have been reluctant to use educational technologies will now see some new possibilities. I hope students will discover some things about themselves—about what it means to be flexible and what it means to learn.” Read the full story.

Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials: How to Work From Home & Still Be Productive

Telecommuting presents a unique set of challenges, especially for those who have never done it before or who don’t know how long it will last. Cleveland Clinic Physical Therapist Mary Morrison, PT, DScPT, offers strategies to maintain healthy habits and productivity in check while working remotely. Read the full story.

Today’s Good Deed via Women’s Day: 6 Acts of Kindness During the Coronavirus Outbreak That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, when the news is full of worrying statistics and advice on social distancing, there is a bright light to be found in the acts of kindness that everyday people and companies are sharing. Right now, a little help can go a long way, and these are just a handful of examples of the way neighbors have stepped up to care for each other and practice kindness during this challenging time. Read the full story.

Remote Teaching News: March 20, 2020

BU Today/The BRINK:

Scientists at Boston University’s National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories (NEIDL), led by microbiologist Robert Davey, this week started suiting up to conduct research on live samples of the novel coronavirus, the first team in Boston to start such work on the global pandemic. Read The BRINK story.

Today’s Good Deed via CBS News: Meals on Wheels is serving despite pandemic

With the CDC’s warning that people 65 and older are most vulnerable to the coronavirus, older Americans, even those facing food insecurity, have been encouraged to stay home and self-quarantine. Non-profit Meals on Wheels has set out to make sure those vulnerable to hunger are staying fed, with more than 5,000 chapters around the country. Mireya Villarreal follows Meals on Wheels volunteers during their effort to keep helping people amid the coronavirus pandemic. Watch the video.

Edusurge: With Weeks of E-learning Ahead, Be Flexible and Forget Perfection

As educators across the United States grapple with the new reality facing them and their students as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, many are being advised to implement digital learning—some for the first time. Edsurge Contributor Emily Tate shares guidance on how to reduce stress and the need for perfection when remote teaching. Read the full story.

Inside Higher Ed: What Are Your Work Days Like Nowadays?

Inside Higher Ed Contributor Joshua Kim shares some of his thoughts, experiences and learnings working remotely. He says, “The switching from one Zoom meeting to another has taught me a couple of things: A) make your lunch early in the morning, before the first Zoom meeting starts. B) When you eat in front of Zoom, it is OK to turn off your camera.” Read the full story.

Remote Teaching News: March 19, 2020

Edusurge: As Coronavirus Closes Colleges, the Campus Tour Goes Virtual

Universities nationwide have begun rolling back admissions deadlines and pointing students online to get a view on-campus life. Read about the role of VR (virtual reality) and its importance in lieu of campus tours. View the full story.

Inside Higher Ed: Advice for Faculty Members in a Turbulent Time

Inside Higher Ed Contributor Mindi Thompson gives some practical advice to help you focus on your physical and mental health and wellness. Read the full story.

Today’s Good Deed: Free and Discounted Ed Tech Tools for Online Learning During the Coronavirus Pandemic

As more and more colleges and universities are moving to remote teaching and learning over the next several weeks in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19, education technology companies have stepped forward to help move student learning to the virtual realm. View the list.

Remote Teaching News: March 18, 2020

BU Today: BU Extends Remote Classes through Spring

In an unprecedented move reflective of these uncertain times, Boston University will extend remote teaching and learning through the end of the spring semester for its 35,000 students and 4,000 faculty and will close residence halls as of Sunday, March 22, to try and help contain the fast-spreading coronavirus, BU officials announced on Tuesday evening. Read the full story.

Inside Higher Ed: The Human Element in Online Learning

As colleges pivot quickly toward online learning, here’s the secret most educators and students don’t yet know: done right, online education can be surprisingly intimate, write Inside Higher Ed Contributors Larry DeBrock, Norma Scagnoli and Fataneh Taghaboni-Dutta. Read the full story.

WBUR News: Coronavirus Triple Duty: Working, Parenting, And Teaching From Home

“Remote learning is a brave new world… — one we’ve entered with little warning,” writes NPR Business Desk Correspondent . “And like me, parents everywhere are grappling with remote school while trying to work remotely.” Read Noguchi’s account of how she is transitioning to full-time remote work while supporting her family through a crisis.

Today’s Good Deed: Girl Scouts set up digital cookie booth to donate boxes to hospital workers amid coronavirus outbreak

Good Morning America: Three Girl Scouts have found a touching way to put a smile on the faces of medical workers who are on the front lines helping those most affected by the novel coronavirus.

When three Virginia Beach-based sisters realized it wouldn’t be the best idea to set up their usual booth outside a local Walmart or Kroger because of the many coronavirus-related shutdowns, they knew they had to get creative. Read the full story.

Remote Teaching News: March 17, 2020

BU Today: Boston University Provost Jean Morrison Answers Student Questions about Remote Learning

Boston University students have a lot of questions about how online classes will work, now that the University has moved to remote teaching and learning in an effort to help contain the coronavirus outbreak, and how the change will affect their education. BU Today posed their queries to Jean Morrison, University provost and chief academic officer, and Chrysanthos Dellarocas, BU associate provost for Digital Learning & Innovation and Richard C. Shipley Professor of Management at the Questrom School of Business. Read the full story.

Boston.com: From flattening the curve to social distancing: A coronavirus glossary

Boston.com prepared a guide to the words and phrases you need to know to keep informed of the latest COVID-19 developments. Access the glossary.

Inside Higher Ed: Hope Matters

Inside Higher Ed Contributor Mays Imad offers 10 teaching strategies to support students and help them continue to learn during this time of uncertainty. Read the full story.

‘Good Deed’ coverage via CBSSports.com: Amid NBA coronavirus shutdown, Zion Williamson’s generosity shows why New Orleans is in great hands

The 19-year-old rookie was one of the first players to respond after the league suspended the season. Read the full story.

Edusurge: Prioritizing Human Connection When Social Distancing Is the New Norm

School leaders and administrative teams across the country are weighing alternatives and contingency plans for combating the spread of COVID-19. In this post, online education experts and technologists are offering up advice and training to help. Read the full story.

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Remote Teaching News: March 16, 2020

BU Today: Coronavirus: BU Monday Roundup

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker (left) at the announcement on Friday, March 13, that the Boston Marathon had been postponed until September. Get today’s BU, Boston, national, and global updates. Read the full story.

EDUCAUSE COVID-19 Resource Library

This EDUCAUSE resource page was created to help higher education institutions plan for possible campus disruption by COVID-19, or Coronavirus 19—a respiratory disease caused by a novel (new) coronavirus. Read the full story.

Inside Higher Ed: So You Want to Temporarily Teach Online

For colleges and universities quickly moving to online teaching, Inside Higher Ed Contributors Stephanie Moore and Charles B. Hodges offer practical advice for instructors in the short term. Read the full story.

Boston Business Journal: 5 Things You Need to Know Today (The New Normal)

Governor Charlie Baker announces new COVID-19 statewide measures; the Federal Reserve yesterday (3/15) cut its benchmark interest rate to almost zero, National Grid haunts collections, and more.  Read the Boston Business Journal’s Top 5 News Stories of the Day.

Campus Technology: 15 Trends Shaping the Future of Higher Education

The Educause 2020 Horizon Report has identified 15 social, technological, higher education and political trends that are influencing teaching and learning in higher ed today — and will have a lasting impact on tomorrow. Read the full story.

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