Scripting Mooc Videos

On Sunday, May 22nd I spoke during a “Strategies for Video and Media Development” workshop at the Learning International Networks Consortium hosted at MIT on the topic of how to apply three stages of media production to MOOC making. After a high level overview of what goes into the pre-production, production, post-production stages, a question from the audience gave me an opportunity to reiterate the importance of using a script when making videos and further explain the function of a script as a tool to:

  • Establish roles and responsibilities of all project team members by describing what will be seen on screen and heard in the video.
  • Plan a workflow by establishing project milestones that will move the project forward on time and on budget by eliminating redundant divisions of labor.
  • Provide a single document for all three stages to help resolve any questions and reduce confusion rather than referencing multiple documents.

This infographic serves as a step-by-step guide to those involved in a MOOC scriptwriting process to produce higher quality videos.

DLI infographic on scripting MOOC videos



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