Study of Campus Leadership Shows Positive Beliefs for Future

Despite some concerns about public perceptions and rising financial pressures, most campus CEOs surveyed by Inside Higher Ed and Gallup believe strongly in their institutions’ important roles and futures.

Inside Higher Ed reports that:

  • A solid majority of presidents express confidence that their institution will be financially stable over a decade.
  • Presidents overwhelmingly believe public skepticism is based on misunderstandings about colleges’ wealth, how much they charge (and spend,) and the overall purpose of higher education.
  • Campus leaders continue to say the state of race relations on their own campus is either excellent (19 percent) or good (61 percent), though two-thirds say race relations on campuses nationally is only “fair.”

The leaders’ said that two significant factors contributing to declining public support are concerns about affordability and student debt, and concerns over whether higher education prepares students for careers.