The EdTech Interns

In January of 2017 four interns joined the Educational Technology Department through the CAS internship program. They have spent their time here learning about the platforms we support, working on projects that benefitted our team and the BU community, and gathering to share their challenges and accomplishments in our weekly meetings. As the semester comes to a close, EdTech will say goodbye to the spring interns. Rachel, Annika, Huey, and Lucy were a wonderful addition to our group, and we wish them the best.

Rachel Chmielinski

Computer Science major in the College of Arts & Sciences
Area of Focus: Blackboard Learn

Person running an evaluation on a computer“I’m so grateful for the
 incredible mentors that I worked with throughout the course of the semester, each coming from a unique background. I started off the semester doing research on Blackboard and exploring the possibility of switching to a newer version of Blackboard. There were so many variables and decision making processes involved, almost all involving how the students and staff currently use Blackboard. The research and the level of thought made me fall in love with the intersection between people and technology. I then moved on to working with documentation for Blackboard and making all of its many features approachable to students and faculty. Lastly, I worked with the statistics of different amounts of usage in our University, and compiled them into an infographic. Before this internship, I didn’t even realize what the role of an educational technologist entailed. This glimpse into the world of educational technology has been incredible.”

Annika Merrilees

English major in the College of Arts & Sciences
Area of Focus: outreach

Person working on a blog“During my time at EdTech I have written content for our blog, as well as the Digital Learning & Innovation blog. I added pages with training schedules and information on communities of practice to our website, and worked on our success story about CGS’ history with Digication. Over the past few weeks my focus has been drawn to the production of our new website, which will integrate DL&I, DEI, CTL, and EdTech. I have truly enjoyed interning at EdTech and the DL&I this semester, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the time I’ve spent working with our wonderful team here.”

Huey Wu

Comparative Literature in the College of Arts & Sciences
Area of focus: developing technology resources for faculty

Digital library“I researched and compiled resources on various teaching technologies to be implemented in the new website, as well as compiling, and organizing research on educational technology websites and useful website features at other schools.”

Lucy Zhan

Computer Science major in the College of Arts & Sciences
Area of Focus: documentation

Person writing and typing“Through my internship, I had the pleasure to work with Harry and Damon to create new instructional guides in TechWeb for the new updated Echo360 Cloud software which will be actively used on campus soon. I learned a lot about the software itself and learned to navigate and use WordPress to create my pages. By the end, I will complete both instructional step by step pages for students and instructors as well as basic FAQs, introductionsm, and so forth.”

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