Blackboard Learn New Features

Top 5 New Features for Blackboard Learn

In search of Blackboard Learn updates? Look no further. Dive into this list of new features and get the tools you need to help increase efficiency, ensure course accessibility, enhance assessment and grading capabilities and much more.

New Feature: Cloud storage integration

Save time by uploading documents directly from your preferred cloud storage solution when creating content or assignments. Your students can also upload assignments directly from their chosen solution.

New Feature: Course availability status

You can now easily see the availability of your course to students and quickly change the availability from the main course view.

New Feature: Attendance tracking

For each class meeting, you can mark whether a student is present, late, absent, or excused. The attendance record for each student appears in a single column next to other grades in the gradebook. On the Attendance page, profile pictures appear so you can easily identify students.

New Feature: Grade Center enhancements

You will now be able to view full titles of Grade Center columns making it easier to distinguish between similarly-titled items. You can also view as many columns as the size of your browser window will allow, and enter Grade Center full-screen mode to make the most of your desktop experience.

New Feature: Improved mobile experience

To provide an enjoyable mobile experience, Learn is continuously optimized for use on mobile devices. Most recently, system and course level navigation, Blogs, Journals, Tests and the Learning Modules tool were optimized for mobile devices.

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About the Author: Harry Lawrence is an Educational Platform Administration Manager and the primary Application Administrator for the Learning Management System (LMS), Blackboard Learn, and the lecture capture solution, Echo360. 

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