TurningPoint 8

TurningPoint 8: Audience Response System update

Boston University recently upgraded to TurningPoint 8 (TP8), the newest version of audience response technology software from TurningTechnologies.

What is TurningPoint?

For those who may not be familiar, TurningPoint is BU’s supported interface for audience response systems. Audience response systems allow Instructors to quiz students in class using True/False or Multiple Choice questions that can be used to assess student retention and comprehension of the materials covered in class, as well as allow for a participation or attendance grade to be calculated.

TurningPoint Updates

Version 7.5.8 was removed from BU Classroom machines and TurningPoint 8 has been installed in its place. Version 7.5.8 is no longer supported by the vendor.

TP8 offers several exciting upgrades over the old version of TurningPoint, including:

  • True cloud storage of polling results
  • Easier sharing of polling result files among colleagues/TFs
  • Redesigned GUI, which is easier to navigate
  • Similar GUI for Windows and MAC users (older MAC version was completely different from Windows)
  • Better support for users of the application on their Smartphone, Laptop or Tablet
  • Hotspot: The ability to quiz students using an image (students will have to click the correct spot on the image, instructor will specify the correct part of the image).

Coming Soon: GPS Attendance

If students are not physically present in the classroom and try and login, they will not be marked as present.

All of these updates were made to make the student experience better and more streamlined, as well as make the faculty experience of creating and grading content easier and more intuitive.

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About the Author: Damon Carlson is an Educational Technologist responsible for Audience Response Systems (clickers like TurningPoint, Tophat etc.), Echo360 Lecture Capture, and many other technologies.