Update to Online Course Evaluation Pilot

As of March 1st, ETTO has completed its evaluation of a course assessment vendor that was used for the Fall 2015 semester.  A full review of the service and input from the end users has been gathered and analyzed.  The pilot involved the College of Arts and Sciences (BU’s largest college), the School of Education, School of Social Work, and the School of Law.

Unfortunately, there were many issues in the proliferation of data and the GUI interface with this particular vendor.  The layout and menus were not easy to use, and much of the end user feedback complained of difficulties in setting up courses, question sets, and other relevant data to be evaluated.  The process of setting up custom questions for specific courses was difficult to the point in which many in the pilot abandoned this aspect of the system.  From an administrative perspective, users found the back-end of the system difficult to use as well, and the options and functionalities considered to be vital were not useful or functional.

While the pilot in Fall 2015 was well supported by the vendor, the decision has been made to use a different vendor for the Spring 2016 Online Course evaluation pilot.  Implementation is ongoing and data is currently being gathered to populate the application.  First impressions look promising, as the GUI seems to be laid out in a more user-friendly format and there are more administrative options that we have been looking for in an evaluation suite.