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Video Spotlight: Building a ‘Bridge 2 BU’

The Instructional Production Services (IPS) team recently worked with Stephanie Ngom of the Center for English Language & Orientation Programs to create new videos for the Bridge 2 BU program (B2BU). The 16-week program for international students begins with a 4-week online course. Stephanie and the IPS team worked together to create a number of educational videos. The videos – like the course – are designed to welcome B2BU students and help them adjust to academic life at BU.

Participants in the B2BU program go on to see success in various areas. During fall 2018, 90 percent of B2BU students who applied were admitted to BU’s undergraduate degree program and all admitted students accepted their offer. The College of Arts & Sciences and the College of Engineering were top choices for B2BU students during fall 2018.

B2BU student participants experience the following:
• Improvement of overall English communication
• Familiarization with academic English
• Orientation to American culture and the expectations of U.S. higher education
• Development of life and leadership skills
• Preparation for the Institutional Test of English as a Foreign Language

Watch the Bridge 2 BU video and learn more about the program.



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Bob Heim


About the author: Bob Heim is a Senior Instructional Multimedia Producer with BU’s Instructional Production Services. His video production career spans nearly 25 years and includes numerous educational videos at BU, and has shot Superbowls, documentaries, and countless interviews in Boston and the surrounding area.