Video Spotlight: New Online Language Courses


This summer, Instructional Production Services (IPS), in collaboration with the Office of Distance Education (ODE), produced two new online language courses. The courses are offered through the BU College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) World Language and Literature and Romance Studies programs.

Second-Semester Chinese Course

In the second-semester Chinese class, CAS Professor Liling Huang discusses cultural touch points that will help secondary language learners communicate effectively with native speakers.

Second-Semester Spanish Course

In the second-semester Spanish class, CAS Professor Borja Ruiz de Arbulo explores new grammar structures, vocabulary terms, and transition words that can help learners compose simple descriptions, short narrations, and direct questions.

Both courses are available online and uses a mix of narrated video, live Zoom discussions, and online exercises to create a thoroughly interactive experience.

The IPS team assisted the instructors of the two courses in the creation of forty-five videos and implementation of content through Blackboard and activities through a number of other learning platforms, including iLrn, Classkick, Flipgrid, Quizlet, and Skritter.

Follow the link to learn more about the new online language courses.


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About the author: David Charpentier is a Senior Instructional Multimedia Producer and dedicated to crafting inclusive, interactive education experiences that use a combination of traditional lectures, collaborative online environments, and the ever-expanding world of digital media.