What happens when you Ask EdTech?

EdTech is integrated into Digital Learning & Innovation (DL&I), a larger organization devoted entirely to digital learning. Now when you email us, in addition to receiving help with technology you can get inspiration, training, and consultations on pedagogical problems. We can help you answer questions like:

How do you rethink the way you’re teaching a course?

How do you rethink the way an entire academic department handles, for instance, mentoring or career advising for undergraduates?

When you email us at askedtech@bu.edu your email will go out to our entire team.We will decide who among us is best equipped to provide you with the help you need and you will receive a reply soon. If we think that your issue is more involved in pedagogy we might direct you to consult with the Center for Teaching & Learning (ctl@bu.edu). Photo of a consultation

Some people approach us with a specific problem they are having with an educational technology platform. Others contact us with an interest in a certain technology and we can either help you adopt that technology or point you in the direction of a better option for your needs. Some of our team members are experts and administrators in important teaching platforms, like Blackboard and Echo360, so we are happy to help you develop your skills in any number of BU-supported technologies, or investigate new technology. We are very interested in any ideas you have about using technology, or if you have a new kind of technology you want to try.

Confused about the difference between IT Help and EdTech?

EdTech deals with more systemic problems (for example, if BlackBoard were to crash) whileIT Help deals with more technical issues, like glitches or breakdowns. EdTech is also here to help you make pedagogical decisions, like what software platform is best suited to your class’ needs. However, if you are not sure if your question is for IT Help or for EdTech, just contact IT Help and explain the problem. If it is an issue better suited to our resources, IT Help will forward the ticket to us.IT Help ticket form