Why Non-Profit edX Says MOOCs Still Matter

Anant Agarwal, CEO of edXFive years and 11 million students on, Anant Agarwal, chief executive of the nonprofit organization edX, sees ample innovation to come from the venture and its university partners. Contrasting the organization’s goals against those of for-profit MOOCs, he notes that even when the organization becomes fully self-supporting, its goal will remain on doing good.

“We expect to get to sustainability by about 2020,” he noted. “And, you know, that will have been about nine years or thereabouts to become self-sustaining. But even after that, our goal as a mission-focused nonprofit, it will be not to maximize profits but rather maximize the impact and the good that we can do to the world. Work with the university partners to reimagine education, both on university campuses and online.”

View or read the interview in Chronicle of Higher Education.

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